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The Rustic Advantage

assures that your door will provide you with a lifetime of enjoyment and service

Made in Tucson, Arizona
All of our doors are made in Tucson, Arizona. Our operations are integrated "under one roof." Our integration enables us to identify problems and implement solutions very efficiently. Projects are inspected and reviewed on a daily basis. Through our close involvement in every aspect of design and production, we are able to maintain unparalleled product quality and level of service.
Low Profile 3" Door Frames
Our 3" door frames allow 40% more visibility than our traditional 5" door frames. This low profile door frame maximizes the view and the decorative iron work. The view through double doors especially benefits from this method of construction
Dual Pane & Tempered Glass
Our doors include dual and tempered panes which are separated by anodized aluminum spacer. Inexpensive rubber "swiggle" spacers are unattractive and will fail. We use a high performance glazing tape which provides an attractive and superior seal. The glazing tape is used on both sides of the glass. Using silicone leaves voids that will lead to seal failure and is not aesthetically pleasing.
Protective Construction Film
We apply a protective construction film to our glass and threshold. This saves time and money by reducing cleanup and damage costs caused by mortar, stucco, overspray, and scratching.
Built in Magnetic Alarm Switch
Our doors include a prewired concealed magnetic alarm switch. There is no need to install an unsightly alarm switch and risk damaging your door.
Brickmold and Casing
Our exclusive exterior brickmold and interior casing will beautify your door and create more presence. The casing is available flat or embossed. Brickmold and casing work great for remodels.
Automotive Grade Weatherstripping
Our doors are sealed using our proprietary rubber weatherstripping. This engineered seal provides excellent resistance to water absorption, sunlight aging and compression set. Our engineered weatherstripping out performs the common vinyl coated foam. We also use our exclusive weatherstripping for our double astragals - providing twice the seal of ordinary single astragals.
Integrated Door Jamb and Threshold
Our door jambs and thresholds are one piece. This dramatically strengthens the entire door system. The one piece construction keeps the jamb secure, prevents door sagging and large spacing. This door system is less susceptible to the home's settling as well. The threshold, door and door sweep are all finished to match.
Computer Milled Hardware
Engineering our own components allows us to create the best solution without the limitations of generically available parts. Our hinges, glass locks and hardware are just some of the engineered parts that we use to manufacture our doors. The proprietary approach does require a greater investment, however, the result is a finished product that is in a league of its' own.
Computer Rolled Arches
We roll our arches with computer numeric controlled machines. Rolling is the same method used when building a bridge. Notching is a far inferior method used to create arches and is typically used when it can be concealed. It is inconsistent and usually filled with automotive bondo. This bondo will crack and prevent the use of sandblasting and powder coating when finishing your door.
Computer Cold Forged Designs
We make some of our designs with our computer controlled cold forging system. The iron bar is shaped into scrolls cold. This method permits us to make designs that are more accurate and symmetric than the traditional hot forging method. Our twisted bars are made in one piece without joining together pieces of straight and twisted bar. This prevents future fractured joints.
Computer Cut Designs
We cut some of our designs with our computer controlled plasma cutting system. The plasma jet is guided by the CAD drawing and is very accurate. This system allows us to make designs that are proportionate to the door size as well as enabling us to make designs that are impractical to forge. This method is superior to forging when making custom designs with many variations.
Oven Baked Powder Coating
We begin by thoroughly sandblasting all doors. Sandblasting removes impurities, creates a porous surface and provides superior powder adhesion. Fluidized powder is charged with 30,000 volts which produces an electrostatic bond with the door. The powder is then fused to the door at 400 degrees. Powder coating is the most durable finish available.
Exclusive Aged and Rustic Finishes
We offer unique finishes which impart a beautifully worn look. Our Rustic Iron finish will make your doors look like they are 100 years old. Our Aged finishes provide an organic warmth. Our Aged and Rustic finishes have taken years to perfect and we are proud to offer them.

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